Monday, January 19, 2015

Horses -by Nikita

Who's says it has to be real? I mean, right? 

Horse: "Excuse me, just who are you taking a picture of?" 

A Trip To Winthrop, WA by Nikita

In May, we went to a town called Winthrop, about 5 hours away, located in the Methow Valley (pronounced Met-how).   Winthrop is a western town. It has wooden sidewalks and old storefronts.  The weekend we went there was an Outfitter's Rendezvous.  (An outfitter is someone who is a guide for hunting parties or individual hunters.) We camped in a local campground Friday & Saturday night. In the park about 8 different outfitters had booths advertising their business, and some had picture books from their travels.

This is the campground office.

Boys tent.  

Girls tent plus Dad & Mom. 

Our campfire and kitchen. 

Cowboy coffee brewing over open fire. 

And when we didn't have a fire going, we used a propane one burner stove. 

Brandy & Hunter 'riding'. Yee-Haw!  

Lacy & Aspen horsin' around.  

Watching the parade.  

The Parade:  

Leavenworth, WA

In April we explored Leavenworth, a Swiss town. About 2 1/2 hours from where we live. We spent the day there one weekend. The houses look like they came right out of Heidi, gingerbread trim, and the snow-covered "Alps" (mountains) in the background. 

This is the gazebo where we cooked our lunch.  

Hunter cuddled up to this bear and said "It's my mommy." 

Cooking the hotdogs over our propane one-burner stove.  

 Getting some energy ran off. 

Outside the pretzel shop, enjoying our buy. Yumm!