Monday, January 19, 2015

A Trip To Winthrop, WA by Nikita

In May, we went to a town called Winthrop, about 5 hours away, located in the Methow Valley (pronounced Met-how).   Winthrop is a western town. It has wooden sidewalks and old storefronts.  The weekend we went there was an Outfitter's Rendezvous.  (An outfitter is someone who is a guide for hunting parties or individual hunters.) We camped in a local campground Friday & Saturday night. In the park about 8 different outfitters had booths advertising their business, and some had picture books from their travels.

This is the campground office.

Boys tent.  

Girls tent plus Dad & Mom. 

Our campfire and kitchen. 

Cowboy coffee brewing over open fire. 

And when we didn't have a fire going, we used a propane one burner stove. 

Brandy & Hunter 'riding'. Yee-Haw!  

Lacy & Aspen horsin' around.  

Watching the parade.  

The Parade:  

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