Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tulips -Mossyrock, WA

On the last weekend in April, Shane & Hank went to an archery shoot in Moses Lake. The rest of our family drove to a tulip farm in Mossyrock. There was fields of tulips blooming.  It was beautiful to see all the different colors and varieties; 6 petal tulips, and multiple petal tulips similar to a rose.
Hunter Lee -
energetic, enthusiastic, 100% boy, Hank & Shane's shadow, bow shooter

 Aspen Dove -
helpful, bookworm, humorous, full of energy

Lacy Iris -
basketball fan, wants to do what big sis does, cowgirl, intelligent 

Brandy Rose - 
bookworm, muffin maker, gentle, a Laura Ingalls

Nikita jade -
baker, cowgirl, horse fan, decorator, hard worker

field of tulips

Smile :) 

 The multiple petal tulip. 

View from mud to the sky. 

 The 6 petal tulips. 

  The tulip farm had a walk-through garden with lots more pretty flowers...

 ...and a small bridge. 
  Underneath this bridge was teeny, tiny tadpoles. They were around 1/4 to 1/2 inch long. 

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