Friday, September 7, 2012

Nikita's Birthday~ Post by Niki

August 23, 2012 dawned drizzly & dreary, but I was in great spirits because today was my birthday! I fryed pancakes & Mom made homemade pancake syrup! Holly & her children left for town. We watched a movie since it was raining.  Holly came back in the afternoon &  I made the cake with the help of Brandy & Louisa. It is chocolate with light brown icing & pink sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, fern & fireweed. It was beautiful! We had fish, potatoes, & french bread for my birthday supper. Afterwards we had Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream & I opened my gifts. From Louisa & the Longs: An Alaska Scrapbook kit & Alaska 3-D animal stickers. From Brandy, Aspen & Lacy: Bracelet, Coloring pad, crayons, playdoh, & cards. From Mom: Rainbow stationary, cardstock, & encouragement cards. From Brianna: Alaska waterbottle, Alaska wildlife booklet, & a post card. From the Richardsons: scrapbook, picture book, & picture frame. From Hamricks: Lots of craft paper & stickers- not necessarily for my b-day, but the times we went to their house. I am very thankful for everything I received & am very blessed. 
 The finished cake!  
 All the children except baby Evelyn
Front row: Cassie, Louisa, Me, Brandy, & Hunter
Back row: Aiden, Aspen, Ivan, Douglas, Lacy, & Hank

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