Saturday, September 8, 2012

British Columbia, Canada

 In East Pine Area. Picture taken from railroad tracks.

Brandy, Aspen, Hank, Hunter, & Lacy, everyone but Nikita-she is the photographer! 

 Brandy Rose in Clinton, BC
Lacy Iris in Clinton, BC
 Aspen Dove in Clinton, BC
 The road traveled, I love the background...
The scenery is so neat!
The traveling is going much better than on the way up to Alaska.  We feel more comfortable, having traveled this road before, and Shane having figured out which gear to take the hills up and which gear to take the hills down in.  We are enjoying our drive and the scenery.  Last night we stayed at East Pine Rest Area, about 25 miles east of Dawson Creek.  This rest area also happened to be right before a step grade downhill, and it was a brake check for truckers.  There seemed to be alot of traffic and some of the family didn't sleep well with all the traffic.  Tonight we are camping at Clinton Pines Campground, in Clinton, BC.  It is peaceful and quiet, that is too us.  The other campers probably wonder about the quiet part with our crew!  

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