Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Picnic~ Posted By Nikita

This Picnic was an all day project for Nikita, Louisa, & Brandy. 

From Left to right: Douglas, Holly, Cassie, Aspen, Ivan, & Nikita

We had REAL Pretzels & Lemonade, Mud Bread, 
Fake Minnow 'tortillas' (mud & minnows wrapped in leaves)

Fake Chocolate Brownies, Edible Red Currant Berries,
Fake Currant Berry Cobbler, fake salad, & fake cakes. 
Lacy & Aiden "Two Peas In A Pod"

Cindy, Holly, Hank, Douglas, Aiden, Ivan, Cassie,
 Aspen, Lacy, Hunter, Louisa, Brandy, & Nikita was present at the Picnic.  

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  1. mmmm, looks delicious! (except for the minnow wraps....) Looks like you are enjoying the Alaska
    summer with each other! We love your posts!