Monday, August 6, 2012

Science & Supper: Post by Nikita

Science & Supper is a once-a-month get-together that David's takes turn hosting with the group they fellowship with. Joshua & Ami McClain hosted July's S&S, it was up at  Hatcher Pass Area. We learned the poisoneous & edible plants. One plant produces berries & is so poisoneous that 1 berry could kill a child & 2 could kill an adult. 

Hiking up to the top of the hill. 
Each family took their own supper. We hiked up-hill &there was a big flat parking area we stopped, ate, &  me, Louisa, &the McClain boys had brought some edible plant to share. 

Louisa & Miciah (mi-KI-a)-Flower Lovers  There was a huge patch of Daisys that we had fun picking. I also love flowers! I got a nice boquet, as did most everyone. 
 This is a waterfall you could view from the top of the mountain we hiked up. 
This picture covers about a 1/16 of the entire Daisy patch. The purple flower is fireweed, it is edible. You can make jams, jellies, add it to salads, & more with the Common Fireweed. 
Having a great time of fellowship.
Mrs. Rose placed Daisys in the girls hair. Some had crowns,
others just had them placed in their headbands & braids.
Abby & Aspen 

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  1. Such fun with all the Alaskan flowers! Isn't Rose sweet? Thank you, Nakita, for your posts. Keep it up if you can! We love seeing them~