Thursday, August 9, 2012

Random ~ By Niki

Jeremiah Hamrick & Dad went fishing together, they portaged through 5 lakes before stopping to fish. There were several lakes close to each other, with land separating them. The men took a canoe, fishing gear, cooler, lunch, etc.. and rowed through one lake then would carry the canoe and stuff over land to the next lake, row through it, carry the canoe over the land to the next lake... That is portaging. They were wore out when they came home.  Here are the Northern Pike that were the biggest. They came home with a total of 4. 

Aaaaaand...... back on the homefront..... some Turner girls & the Hamrick girls made clown hats with tissue paper & came giggling upstairs complete with cottonball clown noses!  
Hank and Jr put together this wooden ship.  
We flayed the fish at the Hamricks, all the children were having a hands-on science lesson, touching the fish guts, heads, etc...Aspen even popped the eyes out! Isn't it wonderful that God formed each living thing?

Hot Cocoa Time! Mmm! Dad, Mom, & Hank gets coffee, we get Hot Cocoa!  Now I know some of you are thinking..Hot chocolate in the middle of summer?? Let me inform you, that summer everywhere is not the same.  50's to 60's alot and there have been days in the 70's.  Dad loves this weather! 
-Hunter Lee- It was sprinkling & Hunter saw my umbrella & wanted his turn...He also has his boots & makeshift belt on!  Having lived in the desert for almost 5 years, it seems like it (it does) rains alot here!
Story Time in Gus! 
David had a car dolly setting around & Dad got some free hollowcore doors at a garage the car dolly became a trailer for hauling trash to the dump. 
The trailer & its constructer. :) See the eyehole? (doorknob hole) heehee


  1. Great updates, Nikita! It looks like you are having a blast and being a blessing too! I love the clown hat idea, I'll have to remember that one! Take care and tell your family "hello"! In Christ, E&M

  2. Thanks for thinking of us Nikita! We continue to check in with "Wings..." fairly often! Trust your weekend will be wonderful worship and sweet fellowship with all your new friends! Love you, Mary