Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Panning for Gold~ Post by Niki

David Long Family-Sunday Evening Picture Time!! SMILE! 

Here was the group that was taking pictures of  David & Holly's family... the Denny Wray Family! 

Some of the Wray's wanted to go 'panning for gold', so the Sunday evening that the Wrays were at the Long's, Lenoard asked Dad if he could drive a suburban of people to Hatcher Pass Area, for Gold Panning, Dad said sure. Then we found out that our suburban would be totally empty & Dad said our whole family could go!!
Tyler & Amber Deaton, Derrik & Courtney , Lenoard & Cannan Deaton, & Kelsley Benedict were among the Wray's that went. 
We thought we found some gold, so we got a container from the Suburban & put the flakes of 'gold' in it. After we got back to Wasilla Area, we discovered that is was not gold, but it was ??????, "fake gold".
Amber & I, on top of a huge rock, at the Hatcher Pass Area. One of our 'panning for gold' sites we stopped at.

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