Monday, August 20, 2012

-LIFE- by Niki

On the week of July 31, we went & helped Ami McClain do some canning. We peeled 30# potatoes (3 bags). She was also canning Moose Meat Broth. She is expecting a baby the end of August, & has 5 children, 3 boys, Ian (11), Micah (9), & Kalen (8) & 2 girls, Meagan (4),& Zoe (2) . The boys enjoyed Hanks company. They made fake guns, rode bikes,jumped on the trampoline, & pretended they were pioneers. The girls played dollies, swung, jumped, & played house.
  Dad got a job 2 weeks ago. He picks up a young man on his way to work. He's been framing a house. Yesterday it was 70* & Dad was on the roof all day getting ready to lay shingles, he said it was so HOT!

Monday 8/6-
James & Renee Richardson needed someone to house-sit & watch the animals (1 cat, 2 dogs, & 15 hens)      (the pay was the eggs)while they went on a 3-day camping trip, so we packed up on Monday and when Dad got off work we headed over & unpacked. (They live about 1/2 hour away from Davids.) We unpacked, made beds and fixed supper.  They have a trampoline, bikes, & a hill on which we rode wheeled-toys down. In other words rode toys with wheels down the hill. Had soup & rice for supper.

Tuesday 8/7-
Had eggs & biscuits for breakfast. Then did school & mom had to shoo us 'bookworm' kids outside! I was reading an American Girl Series & didn't wanna put it down, so, I took my book outside & read in the sun. One of our favorite games on the trampoline is 'Hot Potato.' We use a ball and jump w/out letting it touch us, if you get touched 3x, your out. It is perty fun! For supper we went to Jeremiah & Lacey Hamricks.

Wednesday 8/8-
Eggs,  Buiscits, & Sasauge made up our breakfast this morning.
Did school then went outside and jumped. I made quesadias for lunch. Watered inside plants. Read. Brandy & I went outside & jumped.  Cornbread & Beans were for supper. Another day is gone...

Thursday 8/9-
This evening James, Renee & family are supposed to get home this evening, so today = cleaning!!
I swept the floor, Mom did laundry & some other things like bathrooms, Brandy did dishes, Hank shook rugs & watched (played with) Hunter. EVERYBODY cleaned!

Friday 8/10- Today  Talitha Richardson is getting baptized. Laverne Herr & George Churchfield  from Pleasant Hill Church of the Brethren in PA are coming to spend the weekend.   Afterwards going back to the Richardsons for potluck.
Happy Week Everyone! ~Niki

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