Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nature's Salad

     We were welcomed to our home for the summer by David & Holly, Louisa, Douglas, Aiden, Ivan, Cassie, and baby Evelyn.  Their hospitality has been such a blessing!
     We are currently living in the middle of the woods, close enough to the creek to hear the water, with wild flowers all around outside. 
     The children have had such fun playing.  We have borrowed a book on edible plants in Alaska, and one afternoon, Nikita, Louisa, & Brandy went to pick several varieties of wild flowers.  We had a tossed salad that night for supper that was absolutely beautiful with God's creation!

We added shredded cheddar cheese and Nikita's homemade Ranch dressing-(which is the best!). I don't have the whole list of the flowers, but a few that I remember were, bluebells, wild rose petals, geraniums, dandelion, plantain leaf, columbine, plus grated carrot, red beets, broccoli & lettuce.
    We do not have good cell service at David's.  Our phones get text messages and voicemails, usually it doesn't ring if we are inside their house or ours. Our internet is an aircard from Verizon and we have spotty service outside our bus.  So, if you've been wondering why no posts... I have sat outside and got all ready to post a few times then the internet goes off and will not come back.  Oh yeah and when I sit outside, it may be raining or if it's not then I am battling the mosquitoes.  One night I had the post with pictures all ready to post and some emails ready to send and blink- no online!  It was about midnight, and my nose & fingers were cold, so I went to bed.

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  1. We are so happy to see your post and pictures, and feel a little bad saying "more-more!" Love to hear about the adventures you take, and of course, the children. Thank you for remembering us way, way down here. We think of you Often!!!
    God continue to bless your days...
    Our Love, Allens