Monday, July 30, 2012

A Peek At Sunday's

David's have been meeting with around 4 other families for Worship on Sunday's.  Usually they take turns at one another's homes.  We have been very blessed to join them, worshipping the Lord, getting to know each family. Shane has preached a couple times, a couple times the brother's have all shared on a subject or chapter, & Denny Wray preached one Sunday.   
The first Sunday-at David & Holly's.  There were 59 people total. 
We fit snugly in!  For the meal, everyone spread out to the porches.
The first time we met- & now feels like we have gotten to know them alittle! 
Here are just some of the children taking a walk with their dad's.
This picture was in case some of you were worried ...
"What about children for the Long's to play know only 4 other families..."
This was Sunday, the 22nd,  we were blessed to spend it with both: families that we have 
just gotten to know & with familiar families we have known! Denny & Susan Wray,
& all their family were here visiting Alaska... Gary & Denise & family
Leonard & Kristy & family, Darwin & Cui Ping & family
We met at James & Renee Richardson's  
They have a large open living space  
I think there were approx 75 people in attendance 
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!  This reminded me of Thailand!!  At most houses, 
we take off our shoes at the door... I think this is a great thing to do!
The Wray's rented some of these for their time in Alaska

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