Saturday, June 23, 2012

Road Traveled

Beautiful-pics can't capture it!
the road we're traveling..
    Stayed at Dawson Creek in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  The next night we stayed at Toad River Lodge & RV Park.  This was a beautiful campground and had a beaver pond near by with busy beavers working.  We were able to sit and watch the beavers dive to the bottom to get big armfuls of mud and swim to the dam they were building and mud it in.  They were always busy!  Soon we heard commotion over on the other side of the lake and saw a big bull moose in the lake feeding.  He kept putting his whole head under and must've been eating underwater plants. He was there for a very long time.  It is always enjoyable to talk to other travelers, and our children really don't know a stranger.  (it's a good and bad thing...)  I've told them that Jesus sent His disciples out by two's and to always follow that example, & watch out for each other.
White Mountain Sheep & their babies
     We've been seeing lots of wildlife along side the road eating in the side ditch or resting there.  To date we have seen a fox, 5 deer, 20 black bears, 7 elk, 30 white mountain sheep, 5 beavers, 1 moose, 15 wild horses, and 70 or so buffalo.  Even been animals on the road.. white mountain sheep, & buffalo.  Talk about excited!!  We don't even have to stop for pictures..  just take it while we motor slowly by in our bus!
    Thursday we stopped at Liard River Hotsprings Provincial Park for a few hours.  We forgot the camera on our hike.  All of us enjoyed swimming in the hot springs!! The coolest area was as warm as bath water, then in the next area up it was as hot as a hot tub, then just kept getting hotter!  It was amazing!  I have never saw anything like it!  God's creation causes us to marvel and worship Him!  We didn't stay the night at the park, instead we drove farther and stayed along the road.
Allen's Lookout was the place.  There was a fire pit and picnic tables. It overlooked the river, we were very high up.  Hank got out his boots and proceeded down this mountain path towards the river, and had Nikita down there with him.

I think they got about 2/3rds the way down, when Hank decided to come back up to get the binoculars.  So over to the bus he goes and when he got back, he said a trucker, that was stopped there also, had talked to him out the window & motioned over towards the woods next to the road.  There was a black bear.  I very hastily told Hank to go fetch his sister from down the steep path and lo, she had already made it up.  We retreated into the bus to watch the black bear.  Hank climbed the ladder on the back of Gus and said he saw more bears.. looked like a mother with cubs. We had a fire going in the firepit, then a storm blew in and it rained..HARD!  By the look on Lacy & Hunter's face, we realized they had never seen rain like that before!!  In Washington where we live, it never (well almost) rains hard, more like an eastern sprinkle, is called rain.  Some decided it would be fun to stand in the rain...
Nikita & Brandy getting wet!
This morning before we left there, a big buffalo came out and crossed the road.  We had a hard day of driving today and stopped at Otter Falls Cutoff RV Park.
     We haven't ate out any.  We did buy 4 or 5 things at one of the first Wal-Mart's we stopped at.  Some of our meals have been, Sausage patties on tortillas, hotdogs & buns, salad, cornbread with fried burger & onions served with ketchup, salsa, & bbq sauce, beans & tortillas, rice & sausage dish, carrots,  hotdogs on tortillas  with sourkrat, spaghetti, fruit smoothies..... etc...  :)     


  1. We're starting to get the fever around here. Could you hold up a few days and give us a chance to catch up with you? :)
    Shannon and Heather