Saturday, June 16, 2012

Let The Adventure Begin

     Today our family climbed into "Gus" and set out for the Last Frontier, the Land of the Midnight Sun...Alaska!!  Gus the bus, is a 38 foot  charter bus that is converted into a fully functioning RV.  We have been packing for the past week...our Bibles,  clothes, food, school books, bow & arrow's, fishing poles, diapers, gospel tracts, and some care packages from some sweet families, for the children to open.  Our plans are to travel the Alaskan Highway through British Columbia, Canada to Wasilla, Alaska.  We are going to see David & Holly Long and to explore Alaska some too.

This is when we bought it a year ago.
      Oh the excitement!!  We had planned to leave today, Friday, June 15th, just didn't know what time we would pull out.  Wal-Mart will let you park in their parking lot overnight, so we plan on staying there some and hitting a campground every 2-3 nights to fill up water & use the dump station.  Shane said we might just make it to Wal-Mart in Yakima and stay there the first night..
      This morning I slept in due to many late nights lately, then continued to find things to keep packing in the bus. Shane worked on packing the storage containers on the outside.  Steadily we worked on and on... 11:30 Dave & Carla Kuns brought us lunch (& more goodies to pack), and Steve & Jana Crist came, then Mary Long & Wilson came, all to bid us God-speed on our adventure.  Thanks ladies for all you helped with!!  We pulled out our driveway at 4:15pm.  Headed into Toppenish, Hank & I in the suburban and Shane & the rest in the bus.  Stopped at Ideal Lumber to fill up the propane tanks and to get something for the water tank so it wouldn't leak.  Headed on to Yakamart to fill up on diesel and gas. (Gus has diesel moter, and gas generator)  Then we hooked up the tow package on the suburban.  By the time we got to Yakima it was 7:00.  We decided to go ahead & stop.  Make sure everything is working properly.  This is the first time we have every stayed in Gus.  Did I mention excitement???  So we get stopped and the water pump won't work.. It has worked in the past, so Shane took all the storage out from under our bed and worked & worked and finally figured out it is the switch!
       I got the supper.. very interesting!!  We had MRE's which are Meals Ready to Eat.  Our neighbor, Jerry, gave us some of these meals.  It is what the military use.  All you need is 1 1/2 Tablespoons of water and it has a heat pack that heats up the food and everything.  Awesomely enough, we had company, and my brain was just fried from getting ready to go that I couldn't hardly figure out what I was doing with these MRE's.  Was trying to read the instructions and  just was taking me a long time...  Praising God for friends that visit, even when we're camping in Yakima Wal-Mart parking lot!! Yay!  Daniel & Rebecca Smith and their family came over to see us.  They are getting ready to take off and live in a 5th wheel for the summer and maybe longer.  So we shared excitement!

will have to upload pics from the last few days.. this was 1 yr ago

Finally got everyone down for bed and Shane & Hank went in to the store to get a switch for the water pump and a few other things.  It's now midnight and they just now arrived back at Gus.  Should've known they'd get stopped talking to fellow campers. Yay for truckers tips. And now, let's see if I can sleep this close to the freeway? Interestingly enough, between our bus and the freeway, there is this creek or swamp hole.. so we are hearing crickets chirping, frogs croaking or ribbitting, and cars & trucks racing by to who know's where.  My prayer is that I will remember to 'Seek ye first, the kingdom of God'.  


  1. May the good Lord bless and keep you as you journey! Looks and sounds exciting! Love; Gary and Lucille

  2. I am sure excitement is running high! How long do you plan to be gone? Love to you all! MT :)

    1. We are planning on being back in WA sometime in Sept. Just in time to can applesauce & salsa..I'm all out!

  3. That is so funny! Yakima Walmart. Here we were picturing you almost to the border last night:) Enjoy the journey! Blessings in Jesus!

  4. Oh how wonderful! Have a fantastic adventure. God be with you! E and M

  5. Sounds like you are on a awesome adventure as a family. We will be excited to follow your trip and see how God uses your family for His kingdom purpose's. May the Lord bless you, and keep you, and His face smile upon you, and give you peace!

  6. reuben and julieJune 16, 2012 at 7:05 PM

    Thinking of you. Blessings as you share the Good News along the way! Reuben and Julie

  7. Hmmmmm...... :):) I was really glad to run into you at Yakimart & vist for a minute. Cindy did you find the gas cap? Quite frankly your journey looks a bit overwhelming to me, but I wish you God's blessing. Good idea to have a spare tire, its a long way between stops in some areas. Special prayers for those dear children.