Sunday, November 20, 2011

Worship in Thai

Sunday Nov 20th  Our second Sunday in Thailand
Sorry for not posting sooner!  Ok, that's out of the way...I will try to do better now that Bree's computer is fixed. I will post today, then back track this past week in the next posts.
We couldn't understand the language or identify the food but our day was filled with fellowship in Jesus Christ!  We greet you all in His name.
Today we went to a Thai church Martin's have attended some. They were having their 5th year anniversary(of the church).  Had a potluck there.  We traveled as follows: on  5 motorbikes there was, Martin, Shane & Nikita, Dad T & Hank, Marcy & Dinah, and me.  In the van, Rachel, Titus, Andrew, Austin, Mom T, Bree, Brandy, Aspen, Lacy, & Hunter.  This has been our mode of transportation most of the time.  Bree & I share a motorbike, so we take turns.  In the afternoon, the children took naps while Shane & I came to a little restaurant to get online.  Iced Cappuccino & Coconut Smoothie was delicious! They were 50 baht total, which is about $1.75!
Tonight we are at Martin & Rachel's for snacks & worship.  Currently the children are playing soccer in the street. and the men are talking to the neighbors.  They have lots of company also because there was a wedding in their family.

singing praises 

Singing in Thai & English

The pastor

 Good food
The song leader

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