Friday, November 25, 2011

Toothless in Thailand

Aspen turned 6 this past July.  She has enjoyed watching Hank, Nikita, & Brandy get loose teeth and cheering them on when they are wanting Mom or Dad to pull them out.  Finally, the day came when Aspen realized she had a loose tooth!!  Oh what fun! It wasn’t long until Mommy had to feel it to see.  After investigating, we figured out she had 5 loose teeth!  She worked that first one back and forth.  It was slow moving and soon we began saying, maybe, just maybe, she would loose her first tooth in Thailand.  So one day last week, we were eating lunch, and she barely pulled on it then began saying, “Brandy, Brandy, here’s my tooth, here’s my tooth!”  With much celebrating, we all exclaimed over the first lost tooth in Thailand!!

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  1. Howdy everybody from the Kuns family to the Turner family!So fun to see all the pictures & hear about all your adventures.The water fight looked so fun!!:)