Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thailand Information

We leave out of Seattle on November 9 around 1PM

We will be flying though Seoul South Korea. On the way out we have a layover that is just under 24 hours. 

We are flying into Chiang Mai Thailand!

Thailand is surrounded by Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

     Just a bit of information about where we are going. Thailand is a country in southeast Asia. This country is around twice the size of Wyoming. The Capital of Thailand is Bangkok. Most of you have probably heard of all the the flooding going on there. We are going to be North of the capital in a City called Chiang Mai. This city has more than 300 temples to a god named Buddah; the god of the Buddhist religion. Round 95% of Thai people consider themselves to be Buddhist. Chiang Mai is one of Thailands largest provinces with a population of 1,547,085. Inside to actual city of Chiang Mai there is around 250,000 people. The weather is considered tropical and we are looking forward to warm weather and sunshine...or rain as the case with probably be. Although the dry season is supposed to be from mid November to early May. Hopefully the sun will come out and play! :) This is all the information I had time to dig up. Hope it helps you relate to where we are going to be located! :)
     We leave November the 9th and will arrive home on the 6th of December. Please keep us in your prayers! We want God to use us how ever He sees fit! We will try to keep you up to date on all the happenings! Satan is not going to be happy with us choosing to serve Jesus so pray that we are protected spiritually and physically.

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