Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday in Thailand

     Children all were up by 6:30, bright eyed and bushy tailed!  Ha!  Not exactly my idea of sleeping in, but hey, might as well get up cause we are in Thailand!! Marcy, Dinah, Titus, & Andrew brought us breakfast at 8:30.  Around 10:00 Martin's came over and we chatted about our time here and Martin gave us an orientation of Thailand. It is very disrespectful to point with your feet.   It is just fine to pick your nose or spit in the street.  But don't use a toothpick openly, hide it with your napkin or hand.  It is very interesting to me to learn of different cultures!
     Martin took Shane & Dad to rent moterbike's and change money.
     We ate supper with Martin's at their house.  Grilled chicken and sticky rice, along with fresh veggies.  Was so delicious!!  Family worship and off to bed!  We bout couldn't make it through worship, considering our first day here.

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  1. Sa watee ka! Oh my, I'm so so excited you're there!!!! Have so much fun!