Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our first Sunday in Thailand

Sunday Nov 13
     We went to IGo for worship.  Had a wonderful service.  Martin was leading the songs & praise part of the service.  Martin & Rachel attend there about once a month.
     I wanted to explain IGo just a little bit.  It stands for Institute for Global Opportunities.  It is a school (the students are usually Anabaptist background & come for a semester, or more) in Chaing Mia, with the purpose to provide students with a cross-cultural setting in which mission work, Biblical teaching and personal discipleship can take place simultaneously.  They have 4 goals:
1 To nurture and equip missionaries with a theology & practice that brings a faith that works in love to build the church of Jesus Christ.
2 To plant & nurture churches in the uttermost parts of the world with this same theological perspective.
3 To send IGo faculty to Asian churches and conferences to instruct local leaders & students in the doctrines of Scripture as held & practiced by Anabaptism.
4 To provide Asian students & missionaries a setting in which to strengthen their doctrinal foundations and  to develop their personal spiritual lives while living & interacting with other cultures.
     Martin’s & us went out to lunch at a beautiful restaurant.  It had waterfalls, beautiful flowers and the food was really good.  Martin ordered a variety of dishes and we just passed them around.  Some of them were shrimp soup(spicy), spicy fried chicken, cashew chicken, fried rice, steamed veggies, green curry, & white rice. 
     After naps , we went with Martin’s to their small group.  We met at a couple’s house who are from Pakistan.  They had to flee their country.  For supper she cooked us Pakistan food.  It was delicious.  We were ready to call it a night.

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