Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Food Packing for Bangkok

Wed Nov 16th
            Shane & Hank, Dad & Mom went to IGo to sit in on a class again this morning.  We were just around here today doing the normal things that consist of family living.  Played a few games, got meals, took care of children etc.. The motorbike that I share with Bree needed gas, so Shane led me to the gas station.  That’t the first that I had driven out on the road.  I have practiced here in the village, but there is a lot of speed bumps, so you never get up speed.  Dad & Mom took a long drive and brought back some stuff to fix for supper.  We had a Chef salad with chicken.  Yummy!  This evening we went with Martin’s to the church that the CLC bookstore owner attends to package food for the flood victims at Bangkok.  There were about 12 or so Thai people, Martin’s, Dad’s, & our family.  WOW!!  We went at 6:30 and they had started cooking the food.
Cooking the meat
The first pot of meat..cooked
 First pot of rice
Rice in the 'freezer' box to keep warm
Filling bags with rice
Lacy found a friend
The bags of meat tied with rubber band
 Packing rice 
Ready for the meat bags

They cooked meat in big kettles, cooked rice in big kettles, then put the rice in an insulated box that looked like a freezer, to keep it warm.  To package the food, they use small plastic bags fold them over for the rice, but for the meat and curry mixtures, they close the bag so that some air is still in and they use rubber bands to fasten the bags.  It is an art to it and took awhile for some to get it.  Rachel, Bree, & I, her children, & my children, except Hank & Nikita, left around 9:30pm (in the van) and the others were just getting started packaging.  I heard the next morning that the cooks kept the rice and the kettles of meat, fish , or curry coming and finally Marcy & Nikita led Dad & Mom, Shane & Hank home on the motorbikes.  They got home at 4:00am!!  Martin got home at 5:00am.  Figured up later that they had cooked 200-300 pounds of rice!  Around 2,500 meals were packaged and when Martin left the Thai’s were getting ready to take the meals to the airport to go to Bangkok. 

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