Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fabric Shopping

Thurs Nov. 17th

            Mom, Bree, Nikita, & I went with Joyce (a lady from IGo) to go to the market for fabric shopping.  Was a very interesting experience!  The smells of the food market as we walked through were gut wrenching.  They sold all kinds of meat, fish, & the like.  There were live fish in tubs, snakes or eels in buckets..LIVE.. to buy.

There were several fabric stores.  All the fabric is measured in meters, and you can’t get half or third of a meter.  We had to convert the baht to dollars to see if we wanted to buy, then look for the good deals. We all got some fabric.
 For lunch, Joyce headed down an alley where some food carts were set up.  We went by a couple carts that were selling things that I had no idea what it was.  We came to one that had chicken legs & halves on the grill.  As we were making our purchase, we saw on the grill, a whole chicken head.
 Bummer, that we’d already got legs!!  Ha! Ha!  On down the line, there was a drink cart.  Nikita & I got fresh squeezed orange juice.  It was delicious! 

The chicken & sticky rice was good too.  There is no where to sit, so we sat on the step in front of a fabric store.  We were just getting done, when people from the store told us to move on.   One thing I noticed about the market, was that there was no where to sit.  No benches, chairs, walls..  When we left the market, we took our fabric to the seamstress.  She doesn’t need a pattern, just a dress of the style you want.  I left a piece & dress for Brandy & Aspen to have matching.  Mom & Bree left skirts, and Nikita left a dress.  We are to pick them up in 2 weeks.
            We went to Martin’s for supper.  Afterwards, we had worship right away and came home, because of the late night last night.  Everyone was ready for bed.

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