Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Compassion Home

Sat Nov 19th
            Rode motorbikes & Martin’s van over to the CLC bookstore to borrow their van.  I drove a motorbike over and it was kinda scary going that far, but it was good to do it.  I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t out just cutting up on a motorbike, just being dangerous.  It is the Thai mode of travel!!  Was kinda fun too!! 
The view as we headed to the orphanage
   We got in vans, Martin, Rachel, Dad, Mom, Hank, Titus, Andrew, & Austin in the borrowed van.  Shane & I, Bree, Nikita, Brandy, Dinah, Aspen, Lacy, & Hunter all went in Martin’s van.  This was Shane’s first experience driving a vehicle here.  He did great!  We went a couple hours out of Chaing Mia to the Compassion Home, an orphanage in the mountains.

William & Sylvia, the couple that started it were there.  Currently they have 41 children. 20 girls & 21 boys.  We ate lunch with the children, played with them, and took a tour of the place.  William & Sylvia are Mennonite from Virginia, and live both places.  Right now they will be in Thailand for the winter months.  The children were so cute.

Some of them hugged us when we got there & hugged us when we left.  On the way home, we went past a random traffic stop that the police just motioned the vehicles they wanted to check off to the side.  Martin’s van went through okay, but they motioned ours off to the side.  The police officer came to the window, rattled off something in Thai, so Shane told him we spoke English.  He wanted to see Shane’s international drivers license, (which he doesn’t have).  Shane got out his Washington drivers license and then he gave the police officer the Governor of Chaing Mia’s business card & said he was Shane’s friend.  This policeman waved us on.  The policeman on the end flagged us to stop. (again) This one spoke better English.  We went through the same thing and the Governor’s card was whipped out again.  The policeman was impressed that the Governor was our friend!  We were soon on our way again. Then we dropped off the borrowed van, and stopped at Big C to eat supper.  Our family ate at Pizza Hut.   

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