Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blessing Festival

Fri Nov 18th

            Shane went with Martin for the morning.   Our children had a waterfight and played in the water for awhile this morning.  Hunter loves it!  This afternoon, Dinah & the boys came over and they all played soccer in the street.   Got take out for supper, then Dad & Mom stayed with the children.  Shane & I, Bree, Marcy, and Martin all rode motorbikes to the middle of Chaing Mia for the Christian Blessing Festival.
We worshipped God together.  Had lots of singing & some of the songs we knew & could sing along in English.
How Great Thou Art is my favorite song to sing together with other languages.  Was so awesome!  They had several times of prayer.  The Governor was there and was recognized & had a speech, and was given a gift.

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