Sunday, November 13, 2011


The plane was huge!  We boarded and got situated in our seats, ready for the 12 hour flight.  Really, the flight went well.  Hunter was fussy alot, but he did sleep a couple of times.  Some of the children didn't sleep at all.  Soon after we landed in Seoul, South Korea, we had been up for 24 hours.  And we felt like it!!  Our layover was almost 1 whole day, so Korean Air put us up in a hotel, and gave us plenty of rooms and food vouchers for the supper, breakfast, and lunch.  The hotel was a very elegant Hyatt Regency.  The service was something I have never experienced.  There were people, all dressed up,  to point you in the right direction.  The restaurants were in the hotel and the food was delicious!  Buffet style, but it was like a really fancy place.  Cloth napkins,  white tablecloths, china, etc...  Made you feel like you were at a ball or something!  Yeah for Korean Air!!

We left Seoul about 4pm on Fri and flew to Chaing Mia, arriving at 7:15 pm or so Fri evening.  After claiming our baggage, (yes, praise God, all baggage came through!), we proceeded through customs to the waiting hello's and hugs from the Holsinger's & Marcy!  What a fun time!  We loaded up in a 'song tow' (?) which is a truck with a top on the back with benches in the back to haul people.  Also, some had motorbikes and Rachel's van.  Made it to our house.  Wrong side of the road,    steering wheel on the wrong side of the vehicle, motorbike's weaving in out of traffic.  Interesting!!  So glad I was riding!  Our house has tile floors, a living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom & office downstairs.  The office had a loveseat couch that folds flat on the floor & Martin's brought over a bunk bed set.  All the children sleep in here except Hunter. It has a washer and a gas stove (no oven) on the back porch.  The upstairs has a master bedroom with a bathroom. This is our room with Hunter sleeping on the floor.  There is another bedroom with a king bed, which is Dad & Mom Turner's room.  There is another bedroom with is a twin bed & desk that suits Bree very well.  In the hall upstairs, there is a bathroom.  Our house is at the end of a dead end street.  Martin's live down the street a bit & is with in walking distance.  We feel very blessed to be at this house!  Just hard to believe we are halfway around the world in Thailand!!  

Front Door 

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  1. Cindy- I just had to giggle at the last pic... the Jolly Green on a moped! Thankful you made it!