Saturday, September 8, 2012

British Columbia, Canada

 In East Pine Area. Picture taken from railroad tracks.

Brandy, Aspen, Hank, Hunter, & Lacy, everyone but Nikita-she is the photographer! 

 Brandy Rose in Clinton, BC
Lacy Iris in Clinton, BC
 Aspen Dove in Clinton, BC
 The road traveled, I love the background...
The scenery is so neat!
The traveling is going much better than on the way up to Alaska.  We feel more comfortable, having traveled this road before, and Shane having figured out which gear to take the hills up and which gear to take the hills down in.  We are enjoying our drive and the scenery.  Last night we stayed at East Pine Rest Area, about 25 miles east of Dawson Creek.  This rest area also happened to be right before a step grade downhill, and it was a brake check for truckers.  There seemed to be alot of traffic and some of the family didn't sleep well with all the traffic.  Tonight we are camping at Clinton Pines Campground, in Clinton, BC.  It is peaceful and quiet, that is too us.  The other campers probably wonder about the quiet part with our crew!  

Friday, September 7, 2012

Along The Way- In Canada

We left the Long's on Mon. Sept 3rd around 3pm.  Stopped for the night around 7:30pm at a pull out along the road at Mae West Lake turnout in Alaska. We crossed the border into Canada on Tues 4th.  Made really good time and stayed at a turnout along the road.  Wed night the 5th we stayed at a turnout that we'd stayed at on the way up called Allen's Lookout.  Last night, Thurs night the 6th we stayed in Fort Nelson, BC at the Triple G campground.  Had internet service (obviously) :) and we will have no cell service till we get back into the states.  We are traveling on the Alcan Highway.
Mount Drum and Mount Sanford (I think) notice the changing trees! 
We stopped along the road at Little Tok River and fished some. (fishing in background)  No catch. 
Some of the senery- the hillside is dotted with green from the pine and yellow from the aspen trees! 
Fall is here!

The Long Turner Farewell

 Shane & David
 Holly & Cindy
 Riding in the bus from the house out the lane to the culdesac
 Riding in the bus!
 Like family
Cassie & Hunter

Nikita's Birthday~ Post by Niki

August 23, 2012 dawned drizzly & dreary, but I was in great spirits because today was my birthday! I fryed pancakes & Mom made homemade pancake syrup! Holly & her children left for town. We watched a movie since it was raining.  Holly came back in the afternoon &  I made the cake with the help of Brandy & Louisa. It is chocolate with light brown icing & pink sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, fern & fireweed. It was beautiful! We had fish, potatoes, & french bread for my birthday supper. Afterwards we had Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream & I opened my gifts. From Louisa & the Longs: An Alaska Scrapbook kit & Alaska 3-D animal stickers. From Brandy, Aspen & Lacy: Bracelet, Coloring pad, crayons, playdoh, & cards. From Mom: Rainbow stationary, cardstock, & encouragement cards. From Brianna: Alaska waterbottle, Alaska wildlife booklet, & a post card. From the Richardsons: scrapbook, picture book, & picture frame. From Hamricks: Lots of craft paper & stickers- not necessarily for my b-day, but the times we went to their house. I am very thankful for everything I received & am very blessed. 
 The finished cake!  
 All the children except baby Evelyn
Front row: Cassie, Louisa, Me, Brandy, & Hunter
Back row: Aiden, Aspen, Ivan, Douglas, Lacy, & Hank

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The End of The Stay

     Fall is here in Alaska!  The leaves are turning beautiful colors & falling to the ground.  There is a crispness to the air that wasn't here before.
     Our two month stay in Alaska is over and we are heading back to Washington.  All I can say is God is so Wonderful, He is Mighty, He is Majestic, He is our counselor, our Friend and so much more!  God continues to teach us, mold us, shape us more into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ.
     We, the Turner Family, have been very blessed by the hospitality of David & Holly and their family.  After sharing bikes, toys, washer & dryer, food, books, snacks, shoes, etc... they even sent some moose roast and several packs of salmon with us for our travels!  Not only that, but also the bag of goodies & care packs for the children to open later when they need something different to do.  Thank you, Long's, for everything!
     It's been hard over the last couple of days, to say good bye to our many new friends here in Alaska.  Ms. Rose met us out on Glenn Highway and gave us our last farewell.  She sent along with us some blueberry jam, candies, & homemade candles, that we all thought were amazing!

     We got left David's at 3pm and stopped at 7:30 along Glenn Highway at Mae West Lake.  The view was breathtaking as God's handiwork was viewed from Gus, the Bus, traveling slowly down the highway.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hatcher Pass Day~ Post by Niki

 Hatcher Pass Day (8/24/12)  
We went with the McClains to Hatcher Pass, packed lunches & picked blueberry's. The Longs came later. 
 The Beautiful Mountain & the van in the left bottom corner :) 
 My Blueberry Boy :)
 Mmmm...These are good! 
 "Where is my owners?!" 
My Dear Mom 
Hank Weston
(Me) Nikita Jade  
 Brandy Rose  
 Aspen Dove 
 Lacy Iris
Hunter Lee~My Blueberry Boy :) SMILE
Louisa Syann
Douglas Alexander
Aiden Wilson
Ivan Charles
Cassie Jo (& Hunter)
Evelyn Hope 
Hatcher Pass Day 
Sky was clear blue! 
So Beautiful!!