Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apples & Stuff

     We've got Gus the bus all unloaded.. & have been working at putting all the stuff from our "house on wheels" away into our "house" this week.  It's amazing how much STUFF we have!! My brain is in overload right now, because I want to simplify & go through all of our things to see what we really need (think-garage sale).  But first I have to put all the stuff away or I can't function in the clutter.  I know, because I tried it first,you know, going through the kitchen cupboards before I put things away from the bus and it was disaster.  Soo, I'm thinking it will take longer than I think to go through stuff. About to get it all put away!
     It's apple harvest here in the Yakima valley!  We went and gleaned apples off the ground because the pickers haven't finished picking the trees yet.  The trees were loaded with huge apples!  I'm not sure you can see how big they are by the pictures, but I tried to give something to compare.  These are honeycrisp apples, delicious!!
Rows of apples-Aspen eating & Shane picking them up
Nikita showing how big some of the apples are

The ink pen from Shane's pocket

Hank surrounded by apples
Lacy & Hunter eating some big apples!
Picked a couple buckets full off the ground & they are sooo good! 

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