Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sea of Clothes



And more clothes...

The sea of clothes just sit there in neat rows and stacks.  I have to make lists. 

 Lots of lists... I have a list of clothes for our family of 8 to wear the day of departure; a list for the clothes to pack into the carry-on bags (one set for each person=8); a list for the clothes, =sets x8, to pack into our 'checked' luggage; a list of cosmetics for the carry-on (little 3 oz shampoos, toothpaste,etc..) & no sharp things like razors... ; a list of cosmetics for the 'checked' luggage; a list for the other stuff like snacks & some food items..canned pumpkin to make pumpkin pies and cranberry sauce  for Thanksgiving in Thailand!!  Oh, the time of packing is at hand!  It just seems to take so long, maybe I go about it all wrong and should just start throwing things in, forget the lists, and get it done!  AHHHH!  This too shall pass and we will be on our way.

Goodies for Thanksgiving

 We have been very blessed to have Shane's parents here and Bree.  They have helped out tremendously in getting ready for this trip. Whether is it fixing meals, laundry, reading to the children, or various other tasks, I am very thankful to receive the wonderful help.  

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