Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th

Mon Nov 14th 
     Shane, Dad & Bree went at 7:00 to IGo to sit in on a class.  This is the last week for the students to be there , because  the semester is finished. 
      We washed today, pretty much all day.  Feel very blessed to have a washer.  It is out on the back porch with the stove.  (no oven)  The owners came today and collected the rent money.  After naps, the children all played in the street and rode bikes with Dinah, Titus & Andrew.
     Shane took me a ride on the motorbike.  We went to get supper.  Had fried noodles and fried rice. 

Tues Nov 15th
     Dad, Mom, & Bree went to IGo again this morning to sit in on that class.  Shane went with Martin to CLC bookstore.  The owner of the bookstore, Martin, Shane, and a few other Thai men went a meeting with the Governor of Chaing Mia.  Shane listened while they all talked in Thai, then the Governor looked right at him and addressed him in good English.  The Governor ended up giving Shane his business card (the writing is in gold) and told him to call if we needed anything while on our trip and also if we have any trouble.  Shane tucked it away in his wallet.
   The sun was shining so bright this morning, that Bree suggested the children have a water fight.  So the excitement was high as they changed and filled up a couple of totes and got cups ready.  Cooled them off and let them run off some energy & steam.
Hunter Lee loves the water
Group pose
All together now!
            We had cup o noodles for lunch and for supper we had take out and tried the cashew chicken, sticky rice, & fried rice. The children all played in the street and rode bikes with Dinah, Titus & Andrew again this afternoon.  It’s so fun to watch their play! 

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